BLONDIE - You Got Me In Trouble lyrics

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You, you got me in trouble.

Whatcha gonna do about it?

You, you got me in trouble.

Whatcha gonna do?

One end tied to your finger for remembering.

Who's the one likes to tease his kitten with the other end of the string?

But what ever it is, you got the biz.

I can't resist, no!

Two lines out to the life boats.

Your line's holding me.

Can't ya see that I'm counting on you while you're doing a number on me?

Divided by three, you're the singular something I need!

Don't care if it's new or even used in moderation.

Don't care if it's first or even second generation.

You better think of something!

You better think quick.

Whatcha gonna do now?

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