BLONDIE - Maybe I'M Lost lyrics

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Maybe I'm lost...

Watch while my mind starts to go...

Maybe I dribble a little.

Maybe I'm lost...

I only put up a front.

Losing the fear for the hunt.

Address me as Madame Kluseau!

People all tell me to go, to go, and jump off a bridge!

Where's my house?

Maybe it's time to relax.

Sell insurance and pack up your sax.

Buy a chateau au sud de la Bronx.

Maybe they're right.

They say I should bolt.

Take a train on the fifth of July.

I'll pack some apples and eau de cologne.

Maybe I'll try, I'll try, I'll try and blow up a bridge!

I'd be staring at tugboats in June

And what is the name of this tune?

Turning tricks on the boat to Calais.

I'd be Queen for a day.

Then I'd settle for luck.

Daily Double at old Aqueduct.

I'd fill my pockets with sheckles and juice.

Put my winnings to use.

And go, and go, and blow up a bridge!

Where's my house?

What's my name?

Where am I?

Who are you?

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