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Blctxt Contxt - Rabbit Hole ft. Free Phareal

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Attention all ages, be ...

Now are awake!

Now are awake!

I was told about the mission don’t nobody wanna listen

They want their bellies full, but they won’t stop... in the kitchen!

Consciousness is dangerous, watch who you hang around

They got the choice to choose, the thing enjoying...

Could they complain?

Well, I ain’t slept in days

I took the re-appeal, now I see it clear as days.

See, government... and trouble

And.. is the reason to keep us in the bubble.

Well, I go popping while I’m dropping this acknowledge

My brain is a weapon, consider me a problem!

Aha! My mind is ...

Swear it like... sucker should back down

...we’re living the final hour

Time doesn’t exist, so tell me, what do you see coming?

Hope you got gold, for money is illusionary,

When the economy falls don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Run it down in rabbit hole

Run it down in rabbit hole

Run it down in rabbit hole

Run it down in rabbit hole

Run it down in rabbit hole

Run it, run it, run it!

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

They got me focused on hopeless intention

Did I forget to mention my mental incision

..the description of my premonition.

Got me vexed, I .. the product spoken mind

To get me checked, show the statement of a wealthy bank

To get me sex when my pockets going into nothing..

Yeah, what I’m saying in this game is some certain roles

You gotta play ‘em now,

Breaking ‘em down can’t figure the size

The only means to survive the computer complies

..deciding whether you’re a wolf, a sheep, or a lion...

And big brother, ain’t no brother of mine...

And uncle Sam, don’t give me a damn,

He got me .. like I’m fighting for the homeland.<br />

<br />

Thanks to madailui

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