Blazin' Squad

Blazin' Squad - Offering

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This is not just a physical thing

Love is what im offerin

Diamond rings and sentemental things

This is wat im offering.

This gyal she was sweet 16

Blonde hair

Blue eyes

Like 2 Keep me keen

L O V wid the E was all up in me

This gyal was tick had looks so mean.

I think this could be love and not just a thing

Coz i won her heart with the boses that i bring

So i think ill finish off this little thing

With diamonds that i bring and the lyrics that i sing.

Im sniper i aint a playa

Love is real she last foreva

Diamond rings candlelit dinna

Crystal wines for my true lover

Romance in the air the bells are ringin

Honest juilaes are singin

Sniper love is ever lasting

Your always in my heart theres no escaping

Wen im in controls im like heart breakin

Love makin

Room shakin

Gyal just come + let me do my thing

Coz im all alone + im still standin

With all this stuff you keep forgettin

Bare loved up but still were rowin

I dunno wat 2 do make it the right thing

With this talent i thought im defendin.

Ill be around 24/7

Get married

Have kids

And go 2 heaven

Gyal your nice and pretty

I'll make your life nice and easy

Here we go this aint no show

I love u so much we'll go with the flow

Yes yes u'll be my guest

Out of all they gyals i love u the best.

If love was a car it would be a Bentley...this is a blazin Heart thorie

If love was a crime come ashif me...this is a blazin offerin mate

If love was cash i'd do a robbery...this is a blazin offerin mate.

This is a blazin offerin mate

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