Blackout Crew

Blackout Crew - Not Enuf Donk

rate me

You’ve got sparkle in ya eyes

Come out with me for a good time tonight

Your looking real sexy

A bet your hips don’t lie,

From where i'm standing you’re looking fine.

Ill make your blood run hot

One night with me ill touch the spot,

Forget about the others they aint got what I got

ill give you a minute to make your mind up

Yo yo forget about him,

I’m the MC that you wanna' dance with,

He's try to act funny i’m the one with the money

I’m getting a round, in you want a drink honey,

Any drink that you want, yo it’s on me

all taste good especially for free

Crusaid with me you'll always want more

But this loser want you you no (ooo)

Listen darling your with the wrong one

I’m the one with the largest

Let’s forget about right or wrong

I’m already figured i'll stick it up ya thong

What do next use your imagination

I Guarantee to give a sensation…..

i'm confident that i'll definately please ya

leave ya shaking just like youve had a seizure

Listen, my styles perfection

My rhyme selection may cause an erection

got more rymes that i care to mention

when MC's come close i can sense the tention

Word of warning to the men who venture

up to my kingdom and dare to enter

dont care who you are or who sent ya

I’m the best MC from Bolton town Centre

Have you made your mind up yet,

do you really wana listen to what this guy said

because i can picture us both in bed

Anyway you want girl, working up a sweat

Do you wona miss a kiss of these lips

Cause I don’t wanna miss that twist of your hips

so come live with us or go back home

Cause the Rapid MC goes all night long

no is no thats a fact ladys is wat i attract blonde and brown and ginger binger springa got no minger let me explain it clean ex time with me and im not the same perfecton is wher i aim sweet talking forgot nothing.

Its ok your jokes aside and

when its said and done youll be in my rhyme

back to my pad and spend the night ther maybe a little bit of bump and grind

i'll fill you in with these rymes

And i want be happy till your lips touch now dowie MC the best that youll find

so lets take home for an early night.

You must be sick of these cheesy lines

do you wonna dance and come back to mine

making you feel uncomftable but every one of these jokes is cumferble

i think im gonna get straight to the point do you wonna go get out of this joint

by looking at your face i think its a must leave the other MC chewing on dust.

Do this thing into this hat st peters better get back

Dance and romance is for Zak straight to rip up do not slack

Take it date it rate it some woman bining your in for fun

Heart breakers getting undone carresing undressing that one

Lyrics By .. Hollie (:

Thanks to Hollie for these lyrics

Thanks to Lauren for these lyrics

Thanks to Thomas Abbott for these lyrics

Thanks to Hollie for these lyrics

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