Blackalicious - Swan Lake lyrics

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Sittin on top of the bay, watchin the tide

It's time to break the tension away, come take a ride

As you enter the dimension of the crew SoleSides

It ain't nuttin goin on but a party

Now brothers wanna flex but I'm over they heads

I got the funky type of style to rip your vocals to shreds

I'm never runnin from the Feds wearin red Pro Keds

Cause -- I ain't did nuttin to no-BODY!

I dedicate that line to Shack from South Central

Not sayin I'm the baddest but I know I got potential

For every black man hung lyrically I lynch you

Your style is kinda dry hope my melody can quench you

My soul is one with all although my ego is against you

See rap is a raw meat, so now I got to mince you

I'm playin rappers out like an old pair of gym shoes

I can do anything, I can do anything

Crusin down the street in my six-four Impala

Is what I'd like to be doin if only I had the dollars

A baller ain't a baller if he ain't got balls

A scholar ain't a scholar if he ain't got scho-lastic

Education, and if not that, then learn from life

Beyond all of the material crap

A human ain't a human if he doesn't make mistakes

And the name of this song is Swan Lake

A planet ain't a planet if it don't have wars

A battle ain't a battle if you don't catch scars

A mind that ain't inquisitive really doesn't got

Shit to live for if you can't explore the

Realms of thought you ought not test lest

You be chomped up, like a pop rock, stopped for a

Bead from the weed lady, thought it was the bomb

Really wasn't nuttin but a bag of strong palms

Lost twenty dollars, didn't get high

Maybe next time I use my finances right

Live another day, learn another lesson

Ain't no need to get my mental status cold stressin

That it's so ill that it's fo'-real that it's

No skill displayed, de shades gone now

So it's time to build my own umbrella

Tell it tell her hella mellow fellows loungin

Better bread I never fled a header of the sounds and

All I wanna do is run my own universe

Grab the mic and let my spirit just FLOCK when I croon a verse

Mind over matter, spirit over mind

A doobie and a skin funky breakbeats and rhymes

A true blue homey to the end reminiscin with your

Sister in the living room gin

A life with a plan nine acres on a land

Building self by yourself helpin out a fellow man

Prepare for the essence when your inner soul's free

Before the departure plantin of the right seed

I think what everybody's strivin for is peace of mind

I'm thinkin the world is full of inner places that are out there to find

Manipulated minds need to make an escape

And the name of this song is Swan Lake

Manipulated minds need to make an escape

And the name of this song is Swan Lake

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