Blackalicious - Rhymes For The Deaf, Dumb And Blind lyrics

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I got rhymes for the deaf dumb and blind

And a 20/20 eyesight; big mouth yappin

Crystal clear ear competition mere child's play

When I'm formin up, can't be guarded now, sendin y'all to the

Drawing board, I floored niggaz with the skills

I'm sick and bored, of all the triggers and the steel

That you're cappin; why don't you give all that weak shit a rest

And start rappin - I'm puffin the buddha bless yes I'm packin

BOWLS, and spittin the rhymes on ?testabra?

Be like D'Wayne from _What's Happening_ talking about "Uh-uhh!"

Ya, can't defeat me, delete me, beat me, greet me

With a grin or, get your chin jaw and your neck broke

And then I'll rip off your arm and throw it in a stew --

Boy I'll make mincemeat of you, ? speed a few, wimps eat a few

Shirmps need a new, temp-orary mind-boggler, follow me, G

Niggerole, bigger flows, hover over small ones

Others flows will fall, come and get some

Runnin shit one rhyme AFTER the next

Master the flexology, follow me, take all of me

Fuck a beast, buck a beast, sucker please

Don't you know _Miuziweighs-a-freakin-ton_ like Chuck D's?

Psych! Thought I would contradict myself, didn't ya?

I'm gettin ya

I'm hittin ya ass with bass all in your face so taste the bit

In ya, bowls of Soul, get on a Train but I'm not Don Cornelius

Really it's not no gimmicky shit like chicken popcorn

Now new and meatier, shootin like a meteor

Beats fat and beatier, feed me your brain child

The strange style contains foul language

So tell you kids to go to sleep so the beat can enhance you ock

If you a rapper grab your mic broke cancel the glock yo'

Ass is grass and I'm the lawnmower hey bonhead nigga

Put your rhyme in the towaway zone

Red's all I see like if my name was El Toro

On the land, smokin a reefer, underwater smokin a coral reef

I squash beef like a meat grinder

I'm the kind of chief rocker to seek and destroy boys

Oy, I'm all of that and a plate of chitlins

So won't you sit and listen to the way I flip the script

Like, a beat to make a flip to beat to breakin shit

Delete you makin hits complete awaken kids I eat ya

Like a batch of bacon bits takin it to the next step


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