Blackalicious - Paragraph President lyrics

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Paragraph paralyzer rhythmic aristocrat

Mister rap it's the gift of gab about to twist your caps

Swift the fist so fast fury worry hit the switch ya ass

Its 'n bits 'n fragments so midget quit this diss ya ass

Sit ya ass down while I rip the tracks and spit the facts

Hit the grass, green, brown, or purple I'm the diplomat

Rip your raps, really you don't get the math

Just to have, grief, only rhymer, I was meant to rap into that

Fire breathing, rhyme heathen, kidnap your mental black

Hijack your fly dap or con head your intellect

Mind state, arrow blast, center crack, mind gaps

Blind from their eyes back, send ya back crying act

Up pencil pad, my utinsil grab thine attention

Get hit so bad with two jitsu stabs I abid you

And if you rap I'ma send you back rappin in a tavern

If you mad kid it's just too bad

Tell 'em it's the..

paragraph president

And it's official you can hear the cheer coming up

paragraph president

I want to thank you all for having my (?) perform

paragraph president

as a special treat this evening

I have asked America's foremost young poet to read his latest poem for us

Hit you with the funk it's like, "who cut the provolone?"

Government officials put taps on my mobile phones

Nations overthrown hold my own on my zone

prone to leave your dome blown poem after poem homes

Jones for the tones rome with me turn your motor on

Overall this war just just got it goin on

Overgrown child never growin old so when knows pokin notes

Till the never nose ho overdose

On my flows those flows goes deep

Hold your nose bros knows foes yo don't sleep

slow your row, show my soul, total hold

Domination don't ya know

Under comet like Muhammad with the verbal robodome

It's the..

paragraph president

He's been sweeping the nation with a hard hitting campaign

paragraph president

As a politician he regards himself as a national (?)

paragraph president

and so mister president we urge you to do something about the deplorable

state of our nation

I pledge allegiance to the pen and the pad

And the mic and (?) of America

And to the republic, kiss my ass

Thugs fakin, actin hard to get this killer beef that was given to me

I must bust for all

Leave your city burnin like Gamera

Stamina, blaze up your space, plus I got it on camera

And I'm a animal animator landin a

Blow cleaning clocks nothing left for the janitor

Punching through your granite a good will ambassador

From another planet I could kill and smash ya up

And it won't stop and I can't stop (?)

Can erupt and it does had enough amateur?

A rammin ya feel the goats horns slammin ya

Ham it up every single time that I stand in a

Crowd of emcees backin up when I'm actin up

On a frenzy after ya yellin, "that's enough!"

And it tempts me, that it does, and I'm glad it does

When I flip see spatula style's stackin up

Many big threes rappers on never catchin up

Passin up, ride passenger, is it black enough?

Spectacular! Now you know who's attackin ya

Crackin up mashin ya top mind capturer

I'm the..

paragraph president

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