Blackalicious - Nowhere Fast lyrics

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Now you, who ever you are,

as you're listening to what I'm going to say,

will probably not want to believe what I'm going to tell you.

And there isn't any way in which I can make you believe;

I can only state the facts as they are

and hope that you will really believe me.

Hey yester-day you were supposed to meet me now I got to testify

I waited hours for you guess that all was just a lie

Figured you stepped inside soon enough you said good bye

"Peace Out! I'm gone and won't be back!" I head your echo cry

Oh how the seconds fly left without a second try

I check and try to recollect how I just let you die

And now I wallow in these severed ties

Of Yesterday

Of yester-day girl your really gone I guess that's how it just should be

I had big plans for us today but now you're history

Today's a mystery you took pieces I miss of me

I keep on diggin deep tryin to find that kid in me

We had some really good discussions back then didn't we?

Befriended me but now we don't speak like we're enemies

And all I got is memories

Of yesterday

But Yester-day memories are priceless and I'm really glad you left em

There etched inside I take a ride when driftin through the spectrum

It's just at times I dwell and dwell and then I have to catch up

To now while back in time it ceased to march it just kept on

I want you back I want you back when it was here I slept on

What I appreciate a little more now as a blessing

Now I'm complaining and regretting

About yesterday

And I'm just goin nowhere fast

I don't try to stay here

I just fly away here

Out of my oasis

I am not complacent

Your stuck in a flurry of illusions goin nowhere fast

I am today I'm all that ever was and ever is and uh

It is an honor, don't become a mental prisoner

Just listen to the now and keep your mind from driftin off

I am the mission, the position of this instance uh

New opportunity to get the love your wishin for

To kick the door in to look for your ambitions, what?

You can move on out to elevate your existence up


I'm just today, I'm just the way I am

I am ever single day I am

I'm February, April, March and even May I am

I'm only what you make me hope I'm what you pray I am

Today I am, I'm never really far away I am

You better scope me like the hunter does the prey I am

You play "I am" out in the picture yes today I am

I'm everything your memory say I am


So seize me, I'm here to serve you if you serve me back

It's easy, but difficult that's time alone squeeze me

From beaming your feet when your all your actions turn to banking

An inkling, a hint, I'm moving faster than your blinking

So treat to just a slice of heaven why you cheat me?

Deceive me and now I'm hell inside these thoughts that link me

To flesh the soul it's bound to I was truly made to be free


Instead I'm going nowhere fast

I'm only saying this to show how all around

man or beast sleep away there gift of time

and never know the beauty of a good life below

I'm bout to change the way I'm livin homey

I'm eatin vegan, no ham or baloney

I'm startin off my day with yoga stretches

I'm bout to master self to study lessons

I'm swearin off the weed and alcohol

I won't be affected by doubts at all

The sky's the limit, watch I'm bout to ball

I'm spendin every single dollar wisely

I'm writin songs that's bumpin like the Eisleys

I'll have the answers you can all confide in me

Nothin the day could bring that will surprise me

I'm buildin to the fullest every minute

I'm through talkin the talk, I'm bout to live it

Ain't even started yet, I'm at the finish line

Man I can't wait until it's here I'm sayin

Oh what, you haitin? What, you think I'm playin?

You think I ain't just go ahead and watch me

I'll use the lessons yesterday has taught me

I'm countin hours, minutes even seconds

Man I can't even sleep, I'll build my Heaven

Oh what, it here? Oh, oh what, it's what?

Don't even trip, just give me one more day

It's really gonna be on tomorrow

Your stuck in a flurry of illusions goin nowhere fast

There we are. All finished.

And you don't know how much I appreciate your pardon.

Watch out blazing arrow

Do it just how you talk it

Nigga rolled in and walk it

Stick a toe in the water

Don't falter, go on and fall in

Tell me, do you know your calling?

Yo, what your mission is fella?

I caught this vision when I met a fortune teller

In New Orleans French Quarter

on the bus bench an arbitrary corner

Sorta scary looking elder woman showed up outta nowhere

She stared into my eyes and said

"Sure as eyes green

You were conceived and walk the earth

Spit that heat, purifying I believe.

So are you ready for your cleansin?

Cause this is only the beginning."

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