Blackalicious - My Pen And Pad lyrics

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Here we we go...

[Gift of Gab]

Back on the journey again, tool is the pad and pen

Cool is the fan as the wind, soothin' you after I send

True inter vision risen and driven while givin' you MY

Isms of intuition while niggaz is livin' a LIE

Syllables spill and I fly, high as a pittacle rhyme

Not to belittle a fool, but try to get into you my -

Lyrics inherited form awareness somewhere in the sky

Clearly you'll give them merit and cherish 'em better wit' time

There is none ever and on like rivers, so clever I shine

Verbal ambassador travel in this endeavor of mine

Never a anti-gangster, the ghetto is still on the mind

If I was, not rappin', a nigga might be up inside

All of you terraces, stealin' wallets and necklaces, I

give hella gratefulness for the blessin' share this and fly

Everywhere people outside the culture now try to deFINE

What it is, but it is MINE, such it is, love with BLIND

Vision but no division is vivid we livin' inside

Vicious vindictive and mental prisons from within the mind

I sit and find stillness from minutes is written the RHYME

Gettin' you smitten wit' it, particularly if you're a prime

Listener, listen up, twist it up like the lyrics was lime

Vintage is instant, so give it up when you hear it recited

Recite it at attention, relivin' tension and bendin' yo' spine

Sendin' you signals to get yo' internal system aligned

Lyrical pittacle, situation is critical

Syllable after syllable, Give It To You, deliver you my -

Intervals, sendin' you through dimensions who didn't know

Hidden in you, within you, when you get in the begin into it

Sentiments internets, couldn't send you yet signals you get

Rippin' through skin and through tissue, fix you elixirs that MIGHT -

(lift your peripheral vision, the mystical wisdom that tends

to go into the infinite system of livin' and this is the ending

As well as the beginning of the Gift and his prime)

Mission the bliss is divine, Christen it, isn't it fine?

Listen and dissin' it, that's the incident innocent

Men and women hit, lyrics is killin' niggaz, they shivelin'

The predicaments thick, and it spills the wig of the ignorant lyricist, puttin' fear in their spirit...

Yo, that's my time!

[record skips in fast forward]

[Intro to "Side to Side"]

I know all you fellas have had a lady in your life that, you really appreciated

and you wanted to do something special for her and, let her know it

Well, I gotta lady like that, and I wrote this song to her...

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