Blackalicious - Green Light: Now Begin lyrics

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Green light, now begin

Green light oh-way


Green light, now begin

Green light oh way


Green light, now begin

The verb annihilator pen, every animator blend

Thought exaggerate a win, comin' at ya made ya thin

Diabolically I grin as I'm frolicking within your anatomy again

Makin' people higher into infinity from sin where your remedy

For them who are feelin' where your friends don't intend to be

A trend but a symphony of hymns lyrics sent to me

From Him I extend to thee the tims of intensity

Lend your attention see is whence your invisions

Of a mental division full of internalisms and again and again

I'm gonna win this division we a men on a mission, green light now begin

No more of that sittin' in a slump and uh

No more of that coulda-woulda-shoulda junk (nope)

No more of that waiting for the inspiration, innovation

Or a green light--now begin

No more of that lettin' all your time pass (uh-uh)

No more petty illusions of the mindless (nope)

It's time to expand, power from within, you're takin' over this dominion

Green light, now begin

I be the heat of the night (don't fear the leader?)

I'm hear to strike light reveal the meteorite

Eating your readings and pens bleeding intense feeling

Appealing sentence in dents in just reeling 'em in

I'm merely a chameleon amid your elementary

Elements of the century tell 'em that it was me that sent ya

Tell 'em a-visually they'll be in to me until they sleep

And hell I'm an entity bailin' well and a felon, I'm free

Millin' and rousin' and I'm (rollin' and killin'?) from filtering

Hell of intelligent diligent heaven-sent benevolent relevant medicine

Poetry pedestrian peddelin' mad adrenaline to lyrical gentlemen



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