Black Wreath

Black Wreath - The Black Holes Of Your Mind

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Dying petals of a love unsung<br />

A love spiraling downwards<br />

Into the abyss for all eternity<br />

<br />

As darkness shivers as the cold bleak light<br />

Kiss my shoulders, time stands still<br />

In a moment of silence and depravity, <br />

The freezing kiss of yours doesn't seem to... <br />

<br />

A pyre of lost dreams bereft of love<br />

In their own neverending insanity, <br />

With only the cold dusk<br />

To accompany their numb lament<br />

<br />

... move me anymore, <br />

Still I miss the strength of past times<br />

We used to cross the landscapes of white<br />

Even falling further down<br />

<br />

In a quiet world, no matter what you say<br />

No matter what you do, the cold bleak light<br />

From your tongue always ends in frustration<br />

<br />

The black holes of your mind can't speak for you<br />

Looking into yourself, you will find no one

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