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Bishop Nehru - User$ lyrics

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Melancholy days got me held in a spotty faze

Delvin’ in my body tryna to be common anomalies

Praised honestly dazed and toppled and in amaze

But gotta be amazin’, it need commas in my bankin’

Been slaving since seven grade tryna get a page over wages I paid

And be majorly played with my name paved on the great LA shape

Hopin’ the name sticks like tape

Straight apex from an ape aerate chasin’ and then escape

To a great fantasia hotter than a blazer on a day in Jamaica

I spit sick flavor equate into the equator so savor how I shape you


Sometimes I feel that y'all wanna use me

Wish to abuse me and mentally confuse me

It's usually the truth seen

So it seems routine

Nuthin’ new that I'm seein’

Users human beings

I swear that I can't get used to the users

Swear that I can't get used to the users

I swear that I can't get used to the users

Used to the users x 2


I've been thinkin’ too much so it’s hard for me to see

The direct path of light and what I'm supposed to be

There's mad people watchin’, in the family I'm the option

Want the Grammys and the Oscars, and I'm swearin’ I can conquer

But lately I've been locked up and since I'm seein’ green like Blanca

Everybody wants to chill and wants to pop up,

But I just want to make music and influence

I hate expectations they ruin every single thing that I think of doin’

Could you please just leave me to be human?

Fuck what you expect or think is correct

Don't interject, just give me a second while rejections exit

(Hook) x 2

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