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These young boys men

What about these young boys men? Talk about it.

These young niggas, now listening to this, this , this this, this new shit they call the guap

That shit ain’t hip hop man. This shit is hip-hop, you know what I’m sayin’ man?

yeah, word up, man

This is the shit I started, you know what I’m sayin’?

Word up, word up, I feel you, I feel you, man. You know the..

No, who the f*ck is that?

hey you know that is man, that nigga over there.

Yeah, that nigga ain’t shit man.

Trust me dog, my niggas speak some real hip-hop shit.

You, your bitch …

Who the f*ck is that?

… can’t hear the .. (who the f*ck ..)

Yo, yo bitch come here yo.

What up man, how you’re doing?

Chillin’ dog, how you’re doing?

Chill, yeah yeah. Aren’t you a rapper, man?

Yes, I’m like that. .. yeah yeah. Now what’s up?

you a rapper?

I’m a hip-hop artist man.

Are you a rapper or a hip-hop artist

I’m a hip-hop artist bro.

Trust me man, you’re a hip-hopper?

Go get some fly shit then. Let’s get some real shit

I’m not even tryin do that right now.

You ain’t got no flows in the …

I do got flows bro, but I’m not trying get that fly shit right now

Man, you funny dog, you funny.

I’m not funny dog, real shit. You’re not funny.

Alright, I’m telling you man, he got flowz man.

Man, you should be .. if you, if you

A mixtape is gone the.. or a hip-hopper as a matter of fact.

It’s, it’s gone the .. it’s everywhere to check it out

.. yeah bro. that shit dope man.

I know you gotta kick some new bro. you gotta kick some right now

I’m not even tryin’ to rap right now. I got places to be. You know what I’m sayin’?

let’s get some fly shit, oh man!

Would you like to .. man? I guess, I guess I’m fly shit nigga

I’ll be right here. Listening for the Flowz.

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