Bishop Nehru

Bishop Nehru - Muffled M.I.C. lyrics

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Yeah yeah!

Check check!

Bout to do real dirty real quick!


Welcome to this classic masses

How y’all been?

A long since I styled it wilding with the king

Any critical nigger made a move when they spitting they...

My picture’s pave the Duvall’s

Hard like men leaving ...

Getting into you Devon’s

Must’ve been the class moving on like in order

Know I just been bothered

All this fault for masses

Shut they fall to cost’em

They the first to fall

When they in us but my balls to stars

She stop the bosses

They all fall up

I beat’em up 1-2-3

The champ next to camp full of fake MCs

Basically you’re waking me in vacancy

No latency but lately they making cheese

Yo yo yo

Yo come here son

Right there

Look who’s on the track

Rolling on rewind

Trying to get hard

Decide for what’s my life

Rappers try to keep they head above water

Slow down any nigger rapping with my opera

Slipping all your corpses...

Having no remorse is slipping the more

Told you no competition

Now introducing them all no kidding

Awkward fitted in with the crowd around ya

Dancing on the cloud

Your man’s a clown

Don’t understand they drown you

Imma stand it our for you

Bound to go from stairs to stairs

I doubt ya

No one taking over the game

They too easy

Or go see me they go greasy

Opposing greave they get greasy

All these rappers can somebody feed me?

It’s too easy

But you

Check it out

Fly shit

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