Bishop Nehru

Bishop Nehru - Flow 1 lyrics

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Nigger I’ve been speeding

The flow I sit hid in

Niggers listening if all golly like his christening

They wishing they was in my position dishing

I’m dismissing nation’s mistake this all attention

I’m the one that make it so people try to find in shit

I light this hold it in the shit and make the life

Write these lines while you writing on

This all for my brothers right this on and

No lying niggers is blind head I’m aligning

Realigning the game is getting tiring

Roll the tide and is off for other tyrant

Still trying but can’t promise the...

Since now it’s 6 my mind is whipped through mind trick

Others trying with lying chick I’m laying with

A dumb sister Mister Misfits

Mister head since incents was lit

You get crushed this flow super deluxe

Hoes try to get bucks slow shorty good luck

Hoes don’t give a fuck I know they live in sup

Broken top yet pretendin that they pin it at the top

It’s just a little figure how you mention I was a nigger

Driving winters high so you high in residentials

You mental, your eyes against you, is it an issue?

My stent got the most of it too coincidental

I suppose niggers pose eyes pose they toes

I’m a stone winner rip on get stoned

Cause this flow get soul slip Jones

Just know


Just know!

The endless flow

Killing folks

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