Bishop Nehru

Bishop Nehru - Exhale lyrics

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Yeah yeah f*ck this up nigga

Suburban’s show this bitch nigga

On some exhale shit, f*ck on ..

Bout to take over this hip-hop shit

My niggas hatin, my niggas a hit .. you rappers all the shit right beyond here nigga

Checking crack flows, crack flows when I’m stepping on

Just sound waves never heard the common nigga death this shit

you gotta respect it and .. on the regular and chop the top a Billboard ..

the old top .. and read it, is the ..from the necklace, the ..

so love price you get the message, probably with the shit

someone flashin and all about the flow to do what it do, reckless ..


I’m better in life with competitive mike,

Passion to trike, flows make a .. knife

… now I’m killing the blow ..

With all of these cold flows think is no ..

How they’re gonna hate .. they sayin I’m ..

Thinking is .. they bag, nigga don’t jag me

I kill them no probably got that pills, don’t cause me

Started matter on tops who the f*ck is gonna stop me

You never .. you figure here and get no end if

And get us with me to simply get short and ..

The .. weapon I keep on .. seconds I only do with the..

Can’t stand the 16, got 10 am I spit me,

I flow sleep listen .. is just shit

A drip strange so let em get steem,

My mean bad business, show you what to happen

And then asking rappers.

Crossing the seas in different seasons

Live in peace and defeat when I’m speaking

The people greed in the car ‘cause I go hard and any track know I ..

They probably see what they ..

I’ll be on a mission that straight riches

Niggas ask they get on track, they ask ‘cause if in back

My .. now I’m the kind of .. I’m my mind and niggas lyin’

They .. miss kid in.

Oh shit I’m rappin that ..

The black cat ..with the writtens

I’m tacking all the kittens, they have to get the liquids

eat it up and beat it up, keys allow dreams from cream drop top beans

my thing drop top mean

she fin for top spin, what you mean it’s how I ..

never drive ley, so need in my ..

the night when the .. in the heart of that B ..beat the heart..

Be a Q that go .. a Rambo is a emo, niggas rambo we ..

Try I can handle, these red flows, we hard as a candle,

So know where the fast go, the memo

No name drops niggas not the same,

they’ll be all black like they got the game,

got his name when I knock your strange ‘cause I’m not ..

and still got his .. it’s a shame,

it’s a shame,

this a motherf*cking shame, yeah.

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