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Bishop Nehru - Caskets lyrics

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Aah, lady in the club like a puma on the pow

The right time to get ém is now, clow

That’s under that, to get another level and is all gone

Get high and get illi like all come and go

Cheers as a logo, yours is all drew

This is for the untold rules from the old school

As I can woula what a dula, once me do that

I all got it, revenge and all wula, I all got it

Revenge I mind get wula on the blooda

It get clack, clack, clack off the

What that contain was selling me after block

Well I’ll be rock cool, how play on block fool

Feeling get pay lay back like Jack Clue

Enough to make part rule wherever he had

Invest all for press soft, check it all that

Damn they ask and get sticky in the back

In the corner pocket ass game so of ask babe

And you haven’t still blow like casket

Then he get out no cloud, no smashin’

And that’s I plan B, look the tools walking

Plan is a straight play ? rack ‘em up just don’t quit your old job

It’s more prof sometimes you get ? we ball long

You know we all fucked up like old

It’s all love, we play tennis

It might be good and sign it, forget about the flag

They hustle back, was wake and tickles

That d0on’t count, chickens before they have in the basket

Body bitch wear casket

Moving with the all black technique

Black kick, black jeans, black jacket magic

I’m puttin’ twenty one just like I’m using black magic

And they thinking that I am cuz the quality is fantastic

They told me I should focus on some ?

Just told me focus on elastic

I’m using both of lows and it gets intact ?

While I’m mixing with my passion, better rappin’

And think I could be rappin’ and I’m happy I wasn’t trapped in

The luupa lu and shut in , I’m moving throw my polutin’

Try to find some solution but I’m only illusion in the?

The illusion are leading me to delusion

I’m sick of being confuse and I don’t have much of a fuse

So I lack in interviews so feelin’ like actively

More days of the blues still I’m waiting on the clues

Alone as I chose on the life? Throw this life and still I put it

And all these orders, it must hit some icebergs cuz we still burn like torches

It’s all some jury in ’96

I’m sick of everything man and still I’m playing for the chicks

Basecly I’m saying I’m saying I’;m taking my own ship

And you can think what you want cuz your thoughts ain’t important

I’m feeling baking in the city rhyme

And all I ever wanted was the city rhymes

Telling me be patient but I ain’t got the time

Cuz I’m seeing tras rappers getting all over night shine

Well I’m still behind and they ask why, why?

Is it because I live after my thoughts in my mind

The risk that I just living is cuz nobody is complained

I see that I’m inspire with the boobs

So I could ever be find in, the only think I’m close to

Is mu music sp hurry up will get all up in my list

Looking for my violist every since the girl I desire for prom make me tag alone

Is something that I along but every time I order thou

Life is like a big play book full of order

You never know the work and playing til you go toast a few

Pack and rap this shit rappin’ and casket should avoid the rule

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