Bishop Nehru

Bishop Nehru - Angel lyrics

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Mister Frankie on the beat

No I never seen the face

But I bow down to my feet

While I’m watching nigger eat


Dreams of living lavish life is still trapped in the savage

I grab the patted mic with old thought to grab the massive life

Throws the passive fight with each other it’s the brother

When I speak you’ll be lucky to hear me mutter

The flow is to go just show the rookies how to do this shit

My boss hard but it’s still cookie

I got my Mumford nigger and they down for getting pushy

Coz they can’t look at my tongue like I’m afraid they eating pussy

Roll over look me nigger I know I got potential to blow

And when I do I guarantee my bottom bitch is your hoe

Niggers claiming they price they got the deadliest flow

Really they send you to see the writers is flow

I’m looking opposed and I’m looking for fools who

Got riches and holes so I can scatter their bones

I hear long coz they give it up feeling bold

As my goals got me making...

See I told you my niggers is more special

You know what I mean?

Just a track to show a little progression

Not as serios ...

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