Bishop Nehru

Bishop Nehru - 96 Blueprint lyrics

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Welcome, welcome, welcome to you all

To this luxurious project

Strictly flows!

We got some of the best producers from around the lands

Some of the illest flows you ever hear in your life

I am your host, the 16 years old…

I hope you all enjoy-joy, joy

Yourself this evening, night, morning!

You know, sit along, sit with peers, parents,

Let a couple dubious roll

Do you, but most of all, enjoy the week?

Shout out to, to, to

Shout out to, shout out to, to, to

Show south to…

… and their tools by the way!

Yeah, yeah pretty fucking retarded, you know what I mean?

Real shit! Shout out to anybody listening that …

I appreciate your talent, all that, you know what I mean?

Suburban show guns coming at you

That’s… entertainment

It’s not what this is called, man

That’s what we are, do you follow me?

Oh, everybody out here hating me

Doubting me so I could do this shit

That, the thought that

You know, I wouldn’t be a success as I am right now!

Just the beginning, so stay tuned!

All my new roomies out there, stay up!

… love all ya! Peace!

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