Big Tuck

Big Tuck - U N*ggaz Can't Do

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(*talking*) <br />Yeah, this is our year (for real) <br />Big Tuck, Fat B (it go down) <br />Go getter, for real, yeah <br /> <br />[Hook - 2x] <br />You niggaz can't do what we do, you niggaz can't ball like we ball <br />You niggaz can't crawl like we crawl, our rims stand taller than y'all <br />We ride with screens installed, haters we shining on y'all <br />We can't even shop at the mall, we get attacked at the mall <br /> <br />[Fat Bastard] <br />I'm in this game like fuck the fame, a nigga gotta make that change <br />I had to put on my chain, cause I'm so hot I hurt the same <br />You niggaz can't do like we do, you niggaz can't ball like we ball <br />I'm droppin my top and I'm flippin my screen, and I'm poppin my trunk at the <br />mall <br /> <br />[Big Tuck] <br />You know who it is, that nigga that sell in Brazil <br />A nigga with a license to kill, and bitch I kill at will <br />You see that we got the game chilled, platinum grills 24 inch wheels <br />Now haters head for the hills, bitch we fight over bills <br /> <br />[Fat Bastard] <br />For real my niggaz we smoking that kill, and packing that steel <br />We making them bills, y'all acting at skills say look at that Lac on the hill <br />We grind and that's fa sho, out the mall we pulling dro <br />Piece and chain be full of glow, all our shows be full of hoes fa sho <br /> <br />[Big Tuck] <br />Fa sho we moving on go, got pounds and pounds of dro <br />Big Tuck and Fat through the do', a team that scramble for do' <br />For checks we scramble for eight, watch out for phonies and fakes <br />Gallons got hung with a H, got rid of fakes you're late <br /> <br />[Hook - 2x] <br /> <br />[Big Tuck] <br />You know where to place us, on top first placers <br />Put them Fake-obs, go get you a Jacob <br />V-12's don't race us, house more spacious <br />Style bodacious, I'm triple to the glaciers <br />Man they hate us, mink coats and Gators <br />Skills made us, rap game invaders <br />Fuck free pay us, get respect like mayors <br />Diamonds like layers, Fat they can't fade us <br /> <br />[Fat Bastard] <br />I'm tired of working wood, too many splinters in my hand <br />Steering wheel turn white, I got voice command <br />Hoes in V.I.P., like they play truth or dare <br />Y'all look like ants, cause we move by air <br />Like that there, I make myself clear <br />Screens lit up in the roof, we call 'em chandeliers <br /> <br />I hit the shower, fresh and clean for a hour <br />Hopped out Versacci walk, start mixing up that powder <br /> <br />[Hook - 2x] <br /> <br />[Big Tuck & (Fat Bastard)] <br />Haters fuck you, reach out and touch you <br />(we'll rush you, fleet you hunt you) <br />This what we do, lay low delete you <br />(like E with his 40 liquor ass, eat you) <br />We on some mo' shit, get fat grip shit <br />(fuck that bitch shit, flip bricks hit licks) <br />Trying to stunt bitch, we got what you got five or six <br />(Fat and Tuck, with this T-Town rhyme skit) <br />We amaze cats race track, glass packs <br />(purple haze sacks, blaze that pass that) <br />House so big, trying to find where I parked at <br />(hey spark that, your memory might come back) <br />When we speak too, diamonds we'll rush you <br />(and it's crushed too, make you say ha-choo) <br />Raps stay tight, like anacondas do <br />(mics we like to chew, just like paranas do) <br />You niggaz gon recognize us, this how we do Fat B and Tuck <br />(ride glass out on that buck, on 24's cause that's what's up) <br />Talking down step ya game up, yeah change your game up <br />(candy paint the frame up, stacking chips like Amus) <br />I'll-be-damned these niggaz ain't real, yes sir we give 'em something to feel <br />(like En Vogue that's on the real, like T with a blindfold for the shining <br />grill) <br />We underground and we bout a mill, it took a week to shoot how I love <br />(that's the real we showing skills, not over night invested years) <br /> <br />(*talking*) <br />Yeah, that's what's up <br />Fat and Tuck, this our year T-Town music <br />Know I'm saying, I wanna let y'all boys know <br />, Big Tuck radio it will be free <br />I know y'all thinking we been bullshitting with the radio station <br />But it's finna go down, straight up <br />Man this our god damn year, got too much shit going down <br />Look out for all the upcoming albums coming out <br />Look out for the Lil' Ronnie, look out for the Double T "The Pimp Man" <br />You know I'm saying, look out for the DVD <br />It just a whole bunch of shit, we finna bust you hoes upside the head with <br />For real Tuck and roll, yeah <br /><br /><br />

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