Big Tuck

Big Tuck - U Need It

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(feat. B.G., 50/50 Twin)


Whaaaaa, what's happ'n (alright, alright)

It's Lil' B.Gizzle, Tuck (yes sir, Polar Bear)

It's from New Orleans, AKA Chopper City

All the way to T-Town, you know what I'm saying

And you know how a nigga rocking, uh-huh

It's real on this end, you heard me uh-huh

It's real in the field, you know I'm saying believe it


I'm off the block, niggaz love me cause I keep it real

Hustlers respect me, cause I spit everything that they live

I got a connect with the pills, and the good dro

I get that coat soon as it hit Miami, off the boat

I got a glock I keep it on me, I don't ever slip

Seventeen ain't enough, I rock with that extended clip

Thirty minus four, that's 26 so it don't jam

Run up if you want, you run straight into that blam-blam

Blucka-blucka this Chopper City, don't forget it nigga

I live and breathe this real shit, you gotta feel it nigga

I don't be playing, when I tell you I be thugged out

Mouth full of gold T-shirt and bows, I be thugged out

I ain't gon change, I don't give a fuck if I'm Donald Trump

I'll always represent Uptown, V.L. that's where I'm from

It's Chopper City in New Orleans, better ask around

Niggaz'll tell you, that nigga B.Gizzle hold it down

[Hook x2]

You need it, rush up on him

He hating, bust up on him

He plotting, plot up on him

Show mercy, to no opponent

War better for it, guns this is what

Shock him, without a cord

Guerillas, not dinosaurs

[Big Tuck]

Get it how you live, be homeless or pay the bill

Drill a nigga or get drilled, kill a nigga or get killed

Niggaz be hating black, if you hate it you hating back

Stomp feet like alley cats, be on guard for all attacks

Always know what's up, the best set up's a yellow slut

If you set up by a slut, don't be ashamed and chop her up

That bitch was out of line, time to show naked spine

Don't leave no blood behind, use barets and terpentine

Say ain't tripping on shit, got teeth that shine and gliss

Watching them watching this, make other teams forfeit

Swear to God I got a lot of niggaz, I swear to God they all gorillas

I swear to God they'll kill a nigga, they specialize in end a temper

You simple you don't want none of me, kind of Tuck you ain't me

You can't bite no mics like me, fa sho can't box like me

War we done been in a few, who knew how many minds we blew

Coming straight to the Avenue, you beefing bitch it'll happen to you

[Hook x2]

[50/50 Twin]

It's like Jeeper the Creeper, my gorillas will eat ya

The feature delete ya, then put you in a box like speakers

Put you in a box like sneakers, if you try to box I'll beat ya

My house or your house I'll meet ya, discombobulate your facial features

They gon have to get jumped like teachers, step on you frauds like bleachers

Try to play hard but soft as peaches, your OG's will prolly teach us

When I display the Mack-90, you gon have to poo-poo

Shit-shit then doo-doo, like you drunk a case of Yoo-hoo

Babies oh boo-goo, ga-ga-goo-goo got a boo-boo

Have control of what you do, or 50/50 will do you

Press charges then sue you, for getting blood on my who-doo

Lick shots when I shoot through, you got that chump now flee-shoo

[Hook x2]

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