BIG TRAY DEEE - Fabricated G's

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Real G nigga

Holla at your boy

Back up nigga before I had to get that

Homie I’m from .. my only crips at

locked out, no doubt, packing your big gaps

Get that ass up and you’re hearing the clip clap

Cloud mother*cker need and knock your shit back

Guess it will be best you could runnin’ your lips back

Fabricated gangstas I’ve been .. and get that

Talk to see, walk to see, chocking and leave that

Check the boards in the stores, I’m the .. by four

The general original I saw it the call

Hold is on, ain’t no other rapper is wrong

Having your joke just be and I’m clapping the sword

Other your chest, better be running in the west,

In your jacket, get it if you come to contest

Nothing last and macking it,

Gang bang after this, it’s natural shit

Nigga be the .. I ain’t gotta practice it

.. the shit, strip your G style from the set to the county to the P now

P, how I keep my gangsta standin’

Will stay and everything I keep my gangsta handin in

Homie low key stay chasin’ them guap

Got the homies, OT now blaming the block,

Check the name, .. even bangin’ them guacks,

Trade D and stay G, get the day that I drop

The day that I drop, drop stay the day off their glock

My .. every day till they got,

Hated or not, banging never aiming to stop,

Tryin to beef, G’s keep making the pop,

Straight out the box, can’t be a day in my props

Stayin to stop, twenty like a .. when I hop

Say that I got ambition of a ride that I pop

G cream of the prop on the rise to the top

Now will back up nigga ‘fore I had to get that

Homie I’m from .. my only creeps at

Locked out, no doubt packing them big gats,

Hit that ass up you’re hearing that clip clap

Clown mother*cker need and knock your shit back

Guess it will be best you could run to your lips back

Fabricated gangstas out of .. and been that

Talk and see, walk and snitch, chocking and leave that

Stats in the tats I’m the real and it’s the rap

I’m innocent fat and .. the killer you kept plan

Keeps in the .. place you defeat

Staying the bricks sleeping what a key in the seat

Patrone is on, docking in my focus is on

Blowing your dawn, catch you nigga rolling the law

Snick em to slick, keep to stay the clips and the hit

Soon as I creep, squeeze till I hit what I see

Insist complete nigga I’m the shit in the beach

Mention the G, you’re making then my business to speak

Creepin’ you nigga, no other sense is vicious me

Bitch I’m a G, bustenly, permission to speak

Flow as the bomb, resident and smoking with come

Know as a dawn, making rappers, slow to respond,

What a D great to .. want in a state

It’s other the bake, wrote with the .. with base

Knowledge is deep so I’ma model top of the streets ..

Top of the pick, green grass out of their seats

Hands in the sky, waving up from side to side

..divine plus a nigga style is fly

Smooth but rough, every walk, cruise a buss

cruise this slump, leaving rap cruise the struck,

Solo I crush, bringing if you think it’s a bluff,

Treat officials with ‘em and say nobody could f*ck

Slow up nigga before I had to get that

Cold me out some blown this one my only creeps at

Locked out, no doubt, I’m packing your big gats

Hit that ass up if you hearin’ the clip clap

Loud mother*cker and hearin’ not but ship back

Guess if you best you could run and your looks glock

Fabricated next as Alice been and .. that

Talk and see, walk and see, chocking in me that.

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