Big Pun

Big Pun - Mister Cee's Big Pun Tribute

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yeah yeah this is the muther..

eyah yeah long time coming your ..

big mother uh you kind of shut

what you're gonna do


this is watch..right right in New York, New York

..quite bitters in the truth and it's okay better be the proof

nigga..and i don't mean you're truth

i'm hundred proof than .. presented to breath

i enharit to spit the verse..the spirits gone to..

the door right when you..the morning might get light

the..are you wanna the .. i got waht you need

god ..are you traling to me ..

papi chulo..son of the .. New York

leave em brain New York ..

New York.. leave em.. come on leave em

..hit em with the..

jackets hit em with the ..

come on, leave em..

come on, leave em..

hit em with the..

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