BIG K.R.I.T. - Purpose

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I was born in ‘86

Despite the rules and weights

Survived the wild and returned with these, bear furs on my back

Defeat the family, drank the wine, get faced to garden

And face the God and run for skeins, the winners call

But we were chose the rose above, the darker skies

Final, kiss we are underneath

At final thumbly, the only ground to pure my soul

And quip my teeth, final flight is going down

What main must be said, life feet before my father’s crown

A kingdom made him, made it all my blue Lb can be with those

Stand between be careful, waste your fix is glory’s pix

Heavens when I die for, I swallowed the devils and bought on me

I deal with life accordingly, one day at the time

And the keen that we are, at certain fall I’ll pray one day we’ll be fine

So many have long and go, so many got lip behind

But this times travels an orphan, rather chose to be or to charm

Planning still a lot, these angels watch over

I break the chain they dare put this medals on my shoulders

‘Cause I hate those fool

You’ll be different

You fine come for your family

A power lies in your fate and beliefs

Is a king we are proud, or king that calls all on

This is purpose.

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