BIG K.R.I.T. - 86

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(Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.)


Now usually I talk about that Cadillac on vogues

But today it's all about Monte Carlos, popped up on lows

I set it out, I set it out, I set it out fo' sho'

I keep it cooler than a polar bear's toes

Ya betta hop before I close that do'


86, 86, 86

Kill 'em KRIT, 86, 86

Kill 'em KRIT, 86, 86

Kill 'em KRIT, 86, 86


They're like

There he go again talkin' bout that candy paint

Slabbing out, working wheel in the daytime

Don't settle for the trap, hi-hats and the clap

Bih, what u know about that bass line

Big booming, slip the lever

Haters grip for the backseat of the car like a fallen star

All these screens of light, I can charge at night

Ladies drink for free when they' at the bar

Pull up, then they stood up, hi5

Wit every old school player tipping in the lot

Wit a couple pretty things on they' shoulders

Then they told me 'Krizzle gotta give 'em what u got'

So I kill 'em with the low, Joe, he was nothin' I'd know

Gripping that wheel, they like 'What happened to the 'llac?'

I tell 'em brought it indoors, 8 9 6



(Verse 2)

Dynamic, panoramic

I ain't seen the roof since u seen mine

Forgiato, paint melado

When u seen me, shawty u seen shine

Layers hot, I put the air shower

When I roll supreme, I call it krip clean

I hit the gas on the low when I'm on the scene

Y'all be ringin' on a neighbor with the 15

When I woof, pin the paint on the fleet

Six feet with a flare ball in the streets

Pull up on the curb, motherfuck what ya heard

When I swang and I swerve, I'm swanging for keeps

Let that old-school flow, Sugarbird 99 dope

Grippin' that b, they like 'What happened to the 'llac?'

I tell 'em brought it indoors, 8 9 6



(Bridge x2)

AC, kem light that ride up

The boss slow like deh rider

Monte Carlo like that right there

They seen none' like that rider

86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86



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