Beyond the Sea movie

Beyond the Sea movie - The Curtain Falls

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Song by Kevin Spacey<br /><br>

Off comes the makeup,<br>

Off comes the clown's disguise<br>

The curtain's falling, the music softly dies<br>

But I hope you're smiling as your filing out the door<br>

As they say in this biz that's all there is,<br>

There isn't any more<br>

We've shared our moment<br>

And as the moment ends<br>

I've got a funny feeling we're parting now as friends<br>

Your cheers and laughter will linger after they've torn down these dusty walls<br>

If I had this to do again<br>

I would spend it with you again...<br>

People say I was made for this<br>

Nothing else would I trade for this and just think I get paid for this ..<br>

Good night<br>

Ladies and gentlemen and God love you<br>


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