Beyond the Sea movie

Beyond the Sea movie - Mack the Knife

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Song by Kevin Spacey<br /><br>

Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear<br>

And it shows them pearly white<br>

Just a jackknife has old MacHeath, babe<br>

And he keeps it, ah, out of sight<br>

Ya know when that shark bites with his teeth, babe<br>

Scarlet billows start to spread<br>

But fancy gloves, though, wears old MacHeath, babe<br>

So there's never, never a trace of red<br>

Let the thing swing<br>

On the sidewalk, huh, huh, whoo sunny morning, un huh<br>

Lies a body just oozin' life, eek<br>

And someone's sneakin' 'round the corner<br>

Tell me, could that someone be Mack the Knife?<br>


There's a tugboat, huh, huh, down by the river dontcha know<br>

Where a cement bag's just a-hangin on down<br>

Oh, that cement is there strictly for the weight, dear<br>

Five'll get ya ten old Macky's back in town<br>

D'ja hear 'bout Louie Miller? He disappeared, dear<br>

After drawin' out, feel good, all his hard-earned cash<br>

And now MacHeath spends just like a sailor<br>

Could it be our boy's done somethin' rash?<br>

Come on, come on<br>


Jenny Diver, ho, ho, ho, Sukey Tawdry<br>

And Miss Lotte Lenya, good everning, Lucy Brown<br>

Oh, the line forms way on the right, babe<br>

And now that Macky's back in olderly town<br>


I said Jenny Diver, look out, Sukey Tawdry<br>

Stay back, Lotte Lenya, move it over Lucy Brown<br>

Oh the line forms way on the right, babe<br>

And now that Macky's back in town<br>

Look out, old Macky is back!!<br>


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