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Beyond the Sea movie - Fabulous Places

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Song by Kevin Spacey<br /><br>

There are so many fabulous faraway places to see!<br>

Such as Mexico, Sweden, Hawaii, Japan and Capri!<br>

There are so many exciting & wonderful places!<br>

Mountains and jungles, deserts and oases!<br>

Pleasant as home is,<br>

It isn't what Rome is!<br>

So why stay there?<br>

When there are so many fabulous faraway places to see!<br>

Why should Spain and Tahiti and Rio<br>

Just be only names to you and me?<br>

I feel certain there are people<br>

We'd be glad to know there!<br>

So tell me why don't we get up and go there?<br>

Go to those fabulous places where we long to be?<br>

Like Bangkok & Hong Kong & Paris & Venice!<br>

Tokyo & Cairo & Lisbon & London!<br>

Wonderful fabulous places we're longing to see!<br>


There are so many<br>

Simply incredible places to see!<br>

When I think of the warm Caribbean,<br>

I see a new world for you and me!......<br>

I'd give anything just to have one single day there!<br>

And once we get there,<br>

I know that we'll stay there!<br>

Stay in those fabulous places<br>

Where we long to be!<br>

Like Bangkok, Hong Kong, Paris and Venice<br>

Tokyo and Cairo and Lisbon and London<br>

Siam! Sienna! Vienna! verona!<br>

Java! Jamaica! Bombay! Barcelona!<br>

Show me those fabulous places<br>

We're longing to see!<br>


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