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Beyond the Sea movie - Change

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Song by Kevin Spacey<br /><br>

Whatever you've done it's all over<br>

Wherever you've been is so strange<br>

Yesterday's long gone forever<br>

Damned if what you're feelin' isn't change.<br>


Music that used to seem hollow<br>

Now seems to fit in your range<br>

Today is the now and the never<br>

Damned if what you're feelin' isn't change.<br>


It's fun to wander along a yesterday road<br>

Trying so hard to retain<br>

All of the wondrous and beautiful times that never can happen again.<br>


So get yourself up off your past, friend<br>

There's so much to rearrange<br>

Tomorrow sits right next to never<br>

Damned if what your feelin' isn't change.<br>


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