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Beyond the Sea movie - Artificial Flowers

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Song by Kevin Spacey<br /><br>

Alone in the world was poor little Anne<br>

As sweet a young child as you'd find.<br>

Her parents had gone to their final reward<br>

Leavin' their baby behind.<br>


Did you hear this poor little child was only nine years of age<br>

When mother and Dad went away;<br>

Still she brav-el-y worked<br>

At the one thing she knew<br>

To earn her few pennies a day.<br>


She made artificial flowers, artificial flowers,<br>

Flowers for ladies of fashion to wear;<br>

She made artificial flowers, you know those artificial flowers,<br>

Fashions from Annie's despair.<br>


With paper and shears, with some wire and wax<br>

She made up each tulip and mum.<br>

As snowflakes drifted into her tenement room<br>

Her baby little fingers grew numb.<br>


From makin' artificial flowers, artificial flowers<br>

Flowers for ladies of high fashion to wear.<br>

She made artificial flowers, artificial flowers<br>

Made from Annie's despair.<br>


They found little Annie all covered with ice<br>

Still clutchin' her poor frozen shears<br>

Amidst all the blossoms she had fashioned by hand<br>

And watered with all her young tears.<br>


There must be a heaven where little Annie can play<br>

In heavenly gardens and bowers.<br>

And instea-a-ad of a halo she'll wear 'round her head<br>

A garland of genuine flowers.<br>


No more artificial flowers;<br>

Throw away those artificial flowers,<br>

Flowers for ladies of society to wear.<br>

Throw away those artificial flowers,<br>

Those dumb-dumb flowers,<br>

Fashioned from Annie's,<br>

Fashioned from A-a-a-annie's<br>



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