Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie

Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie - Hello

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Walking down the street<br>

With some evil in my eye<br>

And some thoughts in my head<br>

That were making me feel high<br>

On my head was a hoodi<br>

In my ears was some bass<br>

Was walking by my dog<br>

When I saw that sexy face<br>

Come towards me<br>

With a little cheeky smile<br>

If she was a phone<br>

I'd pick her up and dial<br>

The fire brigade<br>

Or zero zero zero<br>

She stopped me in my tracks<br>

And I said 'mmm hchello hchello...'<br>


I was sleeping in the sand<br>

With some dreams in my head<br>

That were causing an extension<br>

To the towel and my bed<br>

And the waves were rolling<br>

Like the curves on those legs<br>

Of a sweet beach bella<br>

With that centrefold spread<br>

In the midst of the slumber<br>

I heard some footsteps creeping<br>

And I woke to discover<br>

The woman I'd been dreaming<br>

She knelt down beside<br>

Said 'can I share your pillow?'<br>

I rolled over and I said<br>

'well hchello hchello...'<br>

Some like money making<br>

Some like cars<br>

And some like the houses<br>

With the rooftop spas<br>

And some like to gossip<br>

About some rich sugar daddies<br>

But me and my friends<br>

We like the golden brown honeys<br>

And some like watching people<br>

Living on TV<br>

That's a little strange<br>

If you're asking me<br>

Cos I like to eat and laugh<br>

And **** and play down low<br>

These are the things I know<br>

Well hchello hchello...<br>


Welcome to this night<br>

Welcome to this song<br>

Welcome to these rhymes<br>

That be going on and on<br>

Welcome to the empire<br>

And the funky empire tunes<br>

But most of all welcome<br>

To the bellas in this room...<br>

Well hchello hchello<br>


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