Better Off

Better Off - Unhappy

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Eyes sunken in

After all my bitter thoughts have been dimmed

My home confined within my bed

For 21 years I slept under a bridge

The metaphors there, tho' I can’t remember it


Cause evolved, a catalyst to be unhappy

We played the game

We all have everythin'

But a reason for us to stay

We’re beautiful but we’re lonely

It’s such a shame

That I built u up this garden

And ur roses are drowned in rain

(Verse 2)

Stay close to the safe ones

Safe bet that you’ll clean up

Well I had it all on a bet that was double or nothin'

Soft beat to the trouble of trustin'

Swagger out like a lush

Didn’t know it would steal ur touch

Thought things would change

And they did change

But the clock stopped and time slipped away


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