Better Off

Better Off - Suicide Island

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Burn the house down of a politician

And see the dungeon of children

They’ve been hidin' from us

Spend a billion on a box of nothin'

Empty our pockets we are burnin'

And they’re eatin' it up


We’d all crawl a mile

To sell a friend

Can we sell our souls for cash

To suicide island


Kill my neighbor for nothin'

Pains not somethin' he’d choose

But we all vote for a noose

Wonder where we were goin'

When we started to lose

And ended up nowhere new

(Verse 2)

A thousand people that are livin' in cardboard

Skitzophrenic freaks they are breedin'

Apocolypse please

Tax us of everythin' that we have

Keep us trapped inside the world we can’t see

Until the bosses are pleased



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