Better Off

Better Off - Mary In Chains

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Mama’s sittin' in heaven

Poppin' pills to erase

All the feelings that hurt her

Is livin' life a mistake

Check the prescription for murder

Can u refill all the misery that influenced grace

Until the process will take


Make it darker, mother Mary in chains

Everyone’s loaded, raise the children in pain

Plead guilty, we could have burned everythin'

Blame each other fo' whateva we can

Kill all thought, raise the dead

Start the cycle again

(Verse 2)

Dad is sittin' in heaven

Sip on a bottle & taste

The reason fo' nothin'

The relief & embrace

Look fo' somethin' to lower

Pride is sittin' on a shelf

Stand on a person to reach it

Hope they don’t mind the sting



Start the cycle again

Hope that someone forgives


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