Beth Hirsch

Beth Hirsch - Gabrielle

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Windy autumn

Evening by the river

Stands a man

A man and Gabrielle

Real looker

Her back began to shiver

Reminders of the months

Under his spell

He spoke in measure

She recognized his rhythm

Been a year

A year without a sound

She saw it comin

In gestures he delivered

Her eyes just kept

The ground....

Cause Gabrielle

Has learned to tell

The gap from

False to real

And needs a man

Who's sane at hand

In tenderness


(He goes) I acted badly

Can you understand me?

The prace I'm making

Cause I'm a changed man

(I was) such a fool

In how I used to trat you

Such a fool

To beat you out of life

Gone the days

I leave you with no traces

Gone the day

You hate to see my face

I know it's late

I sweat and hesitate

Wouldn't it

Be great?

Cause Gabrielle

I mean you well

And we have healed

In time

For all the girls

In all the world

It's you I seek

To find, Gabrielle“

She stood dazed

Nude in amazent

She heard his words

A hundred times again

A fantasy has haunted her

For ages

That fantasy had now become

Her friend

She came upon

An earring in the street

Tearful pearl

With silver to the sides

She finally won

Her walk became a run

She felt as she

Could fly

Cause Gabrielle

Has learned to tell

The gap from

False to real

In her's the fan

Who'll meet the man

Cause love is

Strength revealed


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