Benzino - G-A-N-G-S-T-E-R lyrics

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Uh.......Hangmen 3 (Gangsta jugga)

Uh huh (Gangsta jugga) Uh huh yo

(Gangsta jugga)

Pray on it sober, I'm just another step closer

Niggas'll ghost ya, found out these'll hurt ya

Play it frank while I lay in the Beam, let the heat roast ya

I'm moralized street solider, I thought the streets told ya

Thug slash beat composer, Nights filled wit freaks and doser

Went from rags to riches, don't fuck with snitches

My Benz keeps the baddest bitches, huggin the block

Hollow tips sluggin the glock, hollerin "Who let the thug in the spot"

BENZINO!!!!!! (Bitches, clips, guns) Black out, inhale blow it back out

Take shorty to the 'Tel blow her back out

And y'all motherfuckers better not act out

I go the cash route, plus bet on mash out

Burn rubber and leave you niggas assed out

G-A-N-G-S-T-E-R, I-B-E-A-C-I-A-O

(iaaaaaaaahaha iaaahahahahaa) Chief rocker, whole tribe flooded out

He don't know you better tell your man cut it out

I'm workin with a short fuse you can't put it out

Big money, big guns that's what I'm about

...Deep concentration, I'm at a level that niggas can't get to

Grab a shovel, big meat you might get through

I'm gangsta part gorilla, part pit bull

I never start a situation that I can't finish

In other words this dog means business

Trendsetter, simple and plan, the first in rap music wit a crew on his chain

Still do it for my men behind bars, LIFERS

From Wallpoles to Ricards, push Benz's befo I got my license

And I'm coming for them belts like Tyson

We vultures, street bred, king cobras

Keep focus, smoke weed, sip Coronas

Spit chorus, bitches can't ignore us

The saga ends, you can't do nothing for us

G-A-N-G-S-T-E-R, I-B-E-A-C-I-A-O

(iaaaaahahahaa iaaahahahaa)

Most dangerous,

Benzino is m-m-most dangerous, most violent...

most dangerous, Benzino is m-m-most dangerous, most violent...

most dangerous, Benzino is m-m-most dangerous, most violent.....................

Dro in a blunt twist it up, put four in your gut twist you up

You ain't heard not guilty's the verdict

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