Benighted In Sodom

Benighted In Sodom - The Fields Of Elysium

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All I can take with me now, are these empty promises. I can't save my life, so inject the endless void into me. There is always a lovely euphoria before the end

Penitence is burning me in every cell

Wells of hope only draw blood

I breathe my vastness of my entrance

I trespass without a key

Passing unmarked, familiar graves

Running eternally toward the sunshine

I cannot save my life

Inject the endless void into me

I know there is always a lovely euphoria...

"Vous entendrez toute l'année

Sur votre tête condamnée

Les cris lamentables des loups

Et des sorcières faméliques,

Les ébats des vieillards lubriques

Et les complots des noirs filous"

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