Benighted In Sodom

Benighted In Sodom - A Skeptic Between Lovers

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Gathered around me like thousands of flickering candles

Stars were exploding as I approached the pantheon

I could feel the tunnel narrowing in my descent

Claustrophobia supreme

Head first, frozen flesh and cells deteriorating before us,

We are estranged, but this grip is not

Long after these ties of veins and sacrifice have frozen

Their pulse defies death, post-asphyxiation...

The pain will only make the voices linger

I can feel the tunnel narrowing in my descent

Beg for my life

Shallow ground materializes below me

My wings ignite and flail, disintegrating

Where no prayer can shatter the glass beneath

As long as blood promises remain firm

And slavery goes justified

I asked you not to follow me

And you did because you were a part of my veins

I will eviscerate us together

Agony, like it's meant to be

Then, the silence of an abused and empty paradise

Unfit for all but those that sacrificed their wings

In their descent

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