BEN WEAVER - 40 Watt Bulb

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You can't beat lightning with a 40 watt bulb

You can only go one direction once your backs to the wall

The scent in the air and the wind through the magnolia tree

The branches bend and drop petals at my feet

Street lights balance on the shadow of a lost dog's tail

The sky looks like a table covered in fish scales

A black cat just crossed my path

Reminds me that today could be the last

It's no wonder you hurt like a bent crow bar

It's no wonder you runaway like dust from the saw

The curtains part like ruts down the old mill road

You can't expect to hold on and at the same time let go

The sorrow is sweet like a ruby in a blind man's ear

The truth is not forgiving no matter how convincing it seems

Time is naked as a mannequin but always dressed in style

After all this time between us can you forgive me now?

The world loves bad news when it comes from a pretty mouth

The earth groans in sorrow as the farmer hitches up his plough

I didn't know what I had till I threw it all away

I took things past the point where there was anything left to save

From a car window I watched you drift downstream

But objects in the mirror are closer than they seem

From the outstretched wings of a dirty dove

There's a knot only idiots tie and it's called love

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