Being Erica movie

Being Erica movie - All I Ever Wanted To Be

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It's clearer inside of me

Who I will always be

Here at the core of my heart

Mystics & cynics & crystals & memories

Beginning to line up the stars

Shining the light in the night

[Shining the light in the night]

Raising the veil from my eye

[Raising the veil from my eye]

Waking me up to the light in our life

Cause of my strength

Some of my dreams

& everything I ever wanted to be...

Here I am this is me where Ill be

In the dark [&] in the light [&] in the wrong in the right...


Karma is energy Give me my destiny

Everything happens for a reason

Every choice that I make

Changes the course I take

Won't be afraid when I make mistakes

Open my arms & give in

[Open my arms & give in]

Do it all over again

[Do it all over again]

Do it all over

Again & again,

To get to the end

Of who I am now.

I'm gonna find the answers &

Yes I know how

I know I can win

Some of my dream

& everything I ever wanted

& everything I ever wanted

To be

[Baladada... x2]

Here I am

This is me

Who am I?

Wait & see...

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