Beautiful Nubia

Beautiful Nubia - Ma Fo'ya

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Here standing we don't know why<br />

Understanding is rare<br />

Good men living on borrowed time<br />

Sanity's gone to the dogs<br />

The pains of the people like the rain <br />

Falling in streams of tears <br />

A lonely child looks to the sky <br />

The stars are silent tonight<br />

Child!<br />

There'll be a better way<br />

The sun will shine in your eyes<br />

Omo o, omo o<br />

Omo o, ma beru, omo o, ma fo'ya o<br />

Time, like an ever-flowing stream <br />

Bears all her sons away <br />

They fade like a dream fades at break of dawn<br />

And we are still the same, we don't change<br />

Times, they may come, they may go<br />

They bring changes in what we see and what we know<br />

But the hearts of men are set in greedy ways <br />

We don't change<br />

Everything is still the same<br />

It's just the way we are<br />

Somebody's loss is another's gain<br />

History recalls, we never learn <br />

And the poor and the young always take the blame<br />

Child...<br />

I wish I had the answers<br />

I'll take your pains away<br />

I wish I was the angel of peace<br />

Change the world in a breath...<br />

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