Beatnuts - Treats (Feat. Nogoodus, A.L And. Rawcotiks) lyrics

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This is only the beginning that ain't got no end, nigga<br />

Only the beginning, baby<br />

This is only the beginning that ain't got no end<br />

<br />

[ Nogoodus ]<br />

Let off a couple, for all my niggas startin trouble<br />

Souls are lost up in the shuffle, now apocalypse will bubble<br />

When the sky begins to crumble I'll exist amongst the galaxy<br />

The suns, the stars, the moons, in it's universal majesty<br />

Simply verbal mastery is absurd when I spit this<br />

This lyricist stay on mad judge and DA's shitlist<br />

They try to prosecute me but I murk they only witness<br />

Now go and get your critics, they favorite rappers and mimicks<br />

While I leave em with a slitted wrist, stick up em at they tickets<br />

With my niggas Psycho Les and Corona don nigga JuJu<br />

My style move crowds like ( ? ) in Honolulu<br />

Holdin mics like how the Source is, ram a fork through your fortress<br />

Nogoodus be victorious, you other rappers get off it<br />

<br />

[ Psycho Les ]<br />

It's the narc'ie, taggin up places with a sharpie<br />

Faces in the dark be blazin ( ? )<br />

When they see us, World's Famous Beatnuts, they greet us<br />

Honeys wanna meet us, duckies try to defeat us<br />

But that's Impossible like a Mission Tom Cruise couldn't even accomplish<br />

I'm leavin after I bomb this<br />

Properly, bring the noise to your property<br />

You probably call the cops on me, it's gotta be<br />

The Beatnuts if it's rare to the ear<br />

This year and every year, we gettin props everywhere<br />

I don't fuckin care what you claim hip-hop is<br />

My production bounce pretty like brown titties that are topless<br />

It's the horniest, Psycho bulgin<br />

Son be the corniest like Michael Bolton<br />

<br />

[ Rawcotiks ]<br />

...part of me probably<br />

Cause a catastrophy, me and my faculty<br />

Actually it was extinct till when we linked <br />

And to think these bitches pack millies in the mix<br />

Makes me proud to be aloud and speak on how<br />

And what and like Rakim I'm movin the crowd<br />

I hold my gun with a psychotic grin, my metropolis<br />

Populates a gang of arsonists<br />

Build like a architect, the street publicist<br />

Hey yo, this is the issue<br />

I wet bodies and rip tissues, my niggas miss you<br />

<br />

As I get hold a few things be gettin harder<br />

Many kids be gettin larger but I'm keepin my guards up<br />

To protect myself from a wealthy environment<br />

Not to face my dark side is my first assignment<br />

But I can't face that with a mack or a squaw<br />

It takes myself and my mind to take charge<br />

But since I'm a outcast, no American Dream<br />

Brains to work, cause I'ma search for a scheme<br />

I hang with a gun cause everyone has one<br />

I move along with the world cause there be no re-runs<br />

Nigga<br />

<br />

[ A.L. ]<br />

You know the circumstance said to me: You don't stand a chance<br />

I cause a avalance to put you in a ambulance<br />

You lost sight, makin the moves you frostbite<br />

Same cowards that be duckin to the sounds of exhaust pipes<br />

Scared to tell, paranoid in this ghetto life<br />

Razor blade, gunplay is how they settle fights<br />

We into witchcraft, quick cats, they flip fast<br />

Stocking cap, facin a gun through a thick class<br />

The bankteller make you richer than a gram seller<br />

You in the jam, fella, doin time like Mandela<br />

But check the consequence, ain't too late to switch plans<br />

They say I'm broke but in my mind I'm a rich man<br />

The way I strike you recognize that you need time<br />

Don't need no psychics, through your eyes I can read mines<br />

While you feed swine, while you breathe wine, while you eat crime<br />

I take the time to make rhymes to make my seeds shine<br />

With efficient flows, so duck when the pistol blows<br />

( ? ) of breath, a kiss of death under the mistletoe

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