Beatnuts - Supa Supreme lyrics

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Intro:<br />

Meanwhile in the control room at the back of the theater...<br />

<br />

These brats swam, I knew they would<br />

Your plan is working master.<br />

Of course!<br />

<br />

(knocking) Who is it?<br />

Special delievery.<br />

Who? Who is it?<br />

It's a special delivery.<br />

Who is it. (Fuck it)<br />

UPS open up.<br />

<br />

Psycho Les:<br />

I just got this product transported for essay, Gea, connect to say who ?<br />

Kid coming at your speakers, is the same kid that be like (puuut puuut<br />

Puuut) coming in chicas<br />

Keep shakin' that ass like a horny Egyptian, as we proceed to rip shit<br />

Baby, I be S-T-O-N-E Crazy, red Mercury blow your spot up<br />

I keep one eye on snakes the other on jakes<br />

3rd eye on my money with no time to take a break<br />

They only break I make is when I gab the breed and jump in the get-away<br />

(It's got to be now) but for now is the only way<br />

Pop my CD in your Sony play, twist a fatty, kick back<br />

And enjoy what I got to say, cause this type of shit your don't hear<br />

Everyday<br />

<br />

JuJu:<br />

Big Ju, rugged and rawnchy, never nonchalantly<br />

And huant me to live in this world that don't want me<br />

A fowl nigga maybe the fowlest you'll ever encounter<br />

Murder for the smallest amount, money to count<br />

Cuban cable givin' cash around the table<br />

My record label watchin' the sons steady and stable<br />

Bit my shit, but you wack and wasn't able<br />

Silence, we bringin' the violence from the cradle<br />

Fatal when I see a bitch nigga and face, you like a foreigner frontin' in a<br />

Dangerous place<br />

You in Corona, Stone City and Babalona<br />

Dominicians got a tight grip Isatona<br />

<br />

Pyscho Les:<br />

Catch me in Corona, on a corner, hotter than Daytona<br />

Sippin' Arizona, power moves on a celly phona<br />

Touch tone flip, 9-11, the click, we connect like internet<br />

Cash checks, blast techs, that burn holes to lest bet, faggots<br />

Get they ass ripped, that quick, trying to play me like a camel<br />

Fuckin' with my moola, telling me to change my formula<br />

Alcohol and lye be the perfect combination, my organization move the nation<br />

Like automation, with no hesitation, no doubt son (naw mean?)<br />

It's off the books (it's off the books baby) It's off the books this year<br />

Baby<br />

<br />

Hook:<br />

Beatnuts, Supa Supreme team from Queens<br />

Grand Imperial and misters say "whoyounawmean?" (x4)<br />

<br />

Outro:<br />

3 C-F Mafia. Corona Killers. Gray Cisco. Profile Baby

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