Beatnuts - Stone Crazy lyrics

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Now, let me ask you this... off the record.<br />

Is it true what they say about how they... smoke a lot of, y'know...<br />

<br />

Yeah, yeah<br />

Everybody get up, Beatnuts<br />

World's Famous, no doubt!<br />

Straight out the laboratory<br />

Fuck, what?<br />

What?<br />

<br />

Your mother sucks cocks, and your father<br />

<br />

[JuJu]<br />

I beat too savagely, it doesn't even matter to me<br />

I hold this down like gravity, reality<br />

Is unloaded, the foul mouthed brain exploded<br />

The gun-totin, the Charles Manson pres votin<br />

The bitch chokin, the hydro cheeba smokin<br />

Leave ya witcha nose broken, the I'll spoken<br />

Killer, fuck your little girl like Magilla<br />

The wild Gorilla, gun down Barney Miller<br />

Ahhh!<br />

<br />

Yo, fuck these niggaz yo, they violent, they violent<br />

Yo, yo, what the fuck you doin yo? Punk?<br />

Can't shoot a cop son!<br />

<br />

*singing* You must be stone crazy (4X)<br />

<br />

[Psycho Les]<br />

Here's my ultimatum, niggaz don't have my shit laced<br />

No question, little did you know, you came here for confession<br />

Cross-examination, my organization stack figures<br />

And when you fuck up we chop heads, no fingers<br />

Fuckin around, with those Beatnut niggaz<br />

Now you missin body dumped in different rivers<br />

Full-fledged rapper with the Stone Crazy singer<br />

I'm comin at you with the ice pick yellin ?Bre vega?<br />

Because I perceive you a sneaky, analyzer<br />

Touch the equalizer, get shot by the tranquilizer<br />

Who shot ya?<br />

Who? The bilingual mandingo, roll trees<br />

But prefer leaves, don't give a fuck about drug beefs<br />

Peep the headlines, stay high<br />

Twenty-four/seven, lali out with the red eyes<br />

<br />

*singin* You must be stone crazy (repeat 4X)<br />

<br />

Intoxicated, intoxicated, intoxicated<br />

Fuck you was thinkin nigga? Fuck you was on?<br />

<br />

Round and around and around and around<br />

And around and around and around we go<br />

Yo, Beatnuts, World's Famous<br />

Round and around and around and around<br />

And around and around and around we go<br />

Yo, drinkin a glass of Prozac so get the Bozack

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