Beatnuts - No Equal lyrics

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(Number One<br />

Competition is none) --> Rakim<br />

<br />

[ VERSE 1: Ju-Ju ]<br />

Niggas got me steamin, bout to flip my lid<br />

Fuck around, and I proceed to blow your back out, kid<br />

(Boom!) Not to say I'm on a violent tip<br />

But my hand stays on my gun, in case you start some shit<br />

Cause I been rhymin since way back when<br />

Straight up and from the heart is how it's always been<br />

Now punk niggas wanna test me<br />

But all that tiggedy-tiggedy tongue-twistin shit don't impress me<br />

It's just a phase, and you know damn well<br />

That you'll fall off in a minute, cause that shit don't sell<br />

Funny how you think you could surpass me, or outlast me<br />

With that bullshit style, you're fallin fast, gee<br />

See, I suggest you go back where you came from<br />

(Your mic, and my mic) Come on, don't play, son<br />

See, the days of payin dues is over<br />

I'm a little fed up, and it's time that I show ya<br />

We battle one time, you're dead, no sequel<br />

(Your mic, and my mic - come on yo, no equal) --> Q-Tip<br />

<br />

You know we're number one<br />

Competition is none<br />

<br />

[ VERSE 2: Psycho Les ]<br />

The wiggedy-wicked Psycho Les drops it like a lunatic<br />

Steady back-breakin bitches with my super dick<br />

Hat's on the jim, sometimes I nut in em<br />

St. Ides fucks up their eyes, and I bend em<br />

Down, while I'm flowin to this nutty sound<br />

Open up the knapsack, check out what we found<br />

H-h-horns, bass, lines<br />

Beats get chopped in the Nut Shop, we don't waste time<br />

Yo, I'm 'cold lampin' like Flavor<br />

Floatin at the top while you're sick, and 'nothin can save ya'<br />

Just like the Biz said<br />

Remember - uugh! - styles I drop to be, what is it?<br />

(The shizzit) Word to your mama<br />

I bend your girl like a comma<br />

Due to Lambada, I think I gotta<br />

Stop, because the bitch said, "(???)"<br />

So I nutted, and I got out<br />

(Boom!) No matter how hot you claim to be, you can't roast this<br />

Nut, what's up? You wanna get eaten up like a hostess?<br />

'Cup', 'cake', you know my words are lethal<br />

(Your mic, and my mic - come on yo, no equal)<br />

<br />

[ VERSE 3: Fashion (Al' Tariq) ]<br />

Every line I connect, my literature's perfect<br />

Per minute, per second, and yo, you gotta reck-<br />

On with Fashion, cause by the way I'm rippin things<br />

Whoever thinks I take a loss has hamstrings<br />

Young dames, I shoot em and Jimmy aims to knock her<br />

Sex with this flex, best thing tends to lock up<br />

Yeah, really bad ass, smokin past you niggas<br />

The chicks I stick shit with, I love your figures<br />

Triggers, I pull em with no remorse for bodies<br />

Fash pumps the hotties, chumps pump with shoties<br />

Shoot em up, bang-bang! Miss targets rarely<br />

Mics I touch up, I fucks em daily<br />

Barely another who can test the cool Fash<br />

Asses I kick in the ashes, dumpin trashes<br />

So don't riff, cause I flow swift like the Nile, son<br />

Tame is for plain Jane fame, I'm a wild one<br />

Auto-matic-ly I let loose the <br />

Fierce MC-i-n-g force in me<br />

Cool Fash, sendin a blast to rap people<br />

(Your mic, and my mic - come on yo, no equal)

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