Beatnuts - Beatnuts Forever - Feat. Triple Seis And Marlon "Perro" Manson lyrics

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Psycho Les.. JuJu!<br />

<br />

[JuJu]<br />

East to West, even if you wearin a vest<br />

They gon' find you with a crowbar dug in your chest<br />

Look at the best, still only second or less<br />

And even he said he don't want it with me, figure the rest<br />

Bigger distress, whole crew avoidin the rest<br />

You know the name of my click, nigga it start wit a tres<br />

Dog that'll reload and bark with the best<br />

Dark with a cold heart spittin darts through your flesh<br />

<br />

[Psycho Les]<br />

You know the street code, stash the kilo<br />

Jump on a speedboat, blowin weed smoke<br />

Countin G notes, I made off the Chino's<br />

But this one Chino wanna play Pacino<br />

So he standin in front of me lookin stupid like a moron<br />

Crept up on him (CREW) caught him with the forearm<br />

Called up Big Ju, M.A. nigga, the war's on<br />

(Fuckin with this bitch dog, let me put my drawers on)<br />

<br />

Chorus: Beatnuts (repeat 2X)<br />

<br />

Got my eyes on cheddar, as I strive to live live and better<br />

Cause all the shine will be mine forever<br />

So it's now or never, we get down whatever<br />

Four-pounds and leather, Beatnuts'll let off rounds forever<br />

<br />

[JuJu]<br />

Bite your face off, pull your heart out, flood it with steak sauce<br />

Chop you up, til there's no limbs for me to break off<br />

Kick your stupid ass it's just tragic nigga and take off<br />

Go kill everybody at work and take the day off<br />

<br />

[Psycho Les]<br />

And pay you a visit<br />

And knock your door down, strongman with the four-pound<br />

Put the joint in your mouth and push your jaw down<br />

(Oh) You ready for war now, lacin your hightops?<br />

Doma, one in the head, now who's the cyclops?<br />

<br />

[JuJu]<br />

No peace, niggaz want beef, you know we love it<br />

Champagne under the arm, gun in the bucket<br />

Never seen it comin like that, you had a chance Pah<br />

Now you like, "Oh shit!" +Blood's on the Dancefloor+<br />

<br />

[Psycho Les]<br />

Corona Queens, where half of my crew be at<br />

You didn't expect this booby trap cause I'm such a groovy cat<br />

If you my dog then I got you with a Scooby Snack<br />

If you a ?, fakin a movie jack?<br />

<br />

[JuJu]<br />

I let the mac off, finish the act with the hats on<br />

The plan is you vanish, like you standin on a trapdoor<br />

I'm back for what is rightfully mine<br />

I spitefully rhyme, every word a trifle design<br />

<br />

Chorus<br />

<br />

[JuJu]<br />

Yo it's the livest nigga you ever heard, that's my word<br />

Like a demon spittin Hell at thirty-three and a third<br />

You wanna do it with Ju, you gotta find me<br />

And if you do FAGGOT, better sneak up behind me<br />

See that's the only way that you gon' get me<br />

And if you wet me I'ma turn around and laugh so you never forget me<br />

To my double-gat niggaz who talk shit and bubble crack<br />

This year, y'all niggaz gon' hear me on a couple tracks<br />

<br />

[Psycho Les]<br />

Spittin like a thirty-eight caliber<br />

Any challenger? One stands up, get handcuffed, to the banister<br />

Beat down your manager, now leave with my dough<br />

You can't be mad at the, hustler from the Queens borough<br />

It's Big Psych', we can go at it, like a pit fit<br />

Everything I spit tight, go out after midnight<br />

Like a vampire, call me your messiah<br />

"To burn my kingdom, you must use fire"<br />

<br />

What, who the best nigga?<br />


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