Beatnuts - Are You Ready lyrics

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Intro-<br />

What we gonna do right here is......<br />

Yeah, yeah, come on, come on<br />

Yeah, yeah, come on, come on, come on<br />

Check it out, check it out<br />

Yo, yo, yo Who the fuck is that nigga rhymin' on the mic?<br />


<br />

Psycho Les-<br />

It's the wicked, nigger with the super dick<br />

Fuckin' ho's like I'm supposed to be in a flick, UH!<br />

One time, I tap yo mind, I got you hummin'<br />

Now you want to press rewind<br />

I pour rhyme in your ear to develop suds<br />

Slice the fuckin' Philly and break up the buds<br />

Who's Buddha? I don't know, is it a special <br />

Stick a fork in your neck and pop a blood vessel<br />

The hispanic shaft packs a gat, too<br />

Permanent scar your ass like a tattoo<br />

Slam dunk the funk in your trunk, punk!<br />

Da Doom Doom, Do Doom<br />

<br />

Fashion-<br />

Yeah, cool makin' moves nigger so smooth<br />

Scarin' ya, hangs up in the 'Skills<br />

But Queens is like the area<br />

I stare at ya, tear at ya, break that back<br />

Now crack the fuckin' sack and roll that shit black!<br />

Act like you want a nigger and watch me hit him<br />

Then I have my shottie' let my brother Divine get him<br />

We got him, ho's comin' through in the clutch<br />

She said I only suck that dick cause I love you so much<br />

Said I only lick them balls cause you so game tight<br />

And you keep my ass climbing the fuckin' walls at night<br />

So hit me, hit me one time, let me flex it<br />

Crew's still makin' moves but now I've gots to exit<br />

<br />

chorus 4x<br />

<br />

Fashion-<br />

Hold up, you know I gots to get my wreck off<br />

Fuckin' rugged like a dog about to bite your neck off<br />

Police still puttin' fear in the hearts of mad crews<br />

Leavin' people lyin' dead in the street with no clues<br />

Soul like a mother got the funk on lock<br />

You can hear my sounds echo through the urban block<br />

Got stacks of stocks, and fat beats to knock <br />

Got you open now you're hopin' that the junkyard rocks<br />

<br />

Grand Puba:<br />

Okay here goes the blow, the bag, the mint<br />

Grand time to represent flava so strong<br />

Fills the room like Buddha stick, uhuh, don't like choke<br />

Gotta get paid so we're tryin' to go for broke<br />

Beatnuts hit the rhythm and I join right with 'em<br />

Niggas can't see this flow so it's time to down sit 'em<br />

I kick the flow for the niggas with the bald heads<br />

Dreads, and 'fros, honey's, but no ho's <br />

Oops! I didn't mean to call you ho, bitch<br />

But when you try to clock the pocket that's that bullshit!<br />

So let's get down with one of New York's finest<br />

Seed to the brain like Primatine to clear the sinus<br />

Grand Puba, Stud Doogie with the mad style<br />

Beatnuts comin' with the rugged(Hey You, watch out now!)<br />

It's on motherfucker, can't you see that?<br />

No shame in the game, so Doogie where the weed at?<br />

<br />

(Chorus 5x)<br />

<br />

Right now you're as high as a junkie with a hundred-dollar habit...

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