Bayside - Indiana

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You've got me danglin' by the thread

that holds my mind together

I might spill my thoughts out on the ground

But I'll think of u on the way down


And I have been screamin' at walls

I could have sworn one of them tried to respond

It said 'the truth is, mostly I just feel bad for u'


And goddamn this bastard I am

I hate so many stupid things

At least now I know what despicable means

When I'm losin' faith in everythin'

(Verse 2)

And I've tried to be a nicer guy

but it turns out that I'm just the type

that can't handle any other man

Who's doin' betta than I am


I have been slinging at walls

I can't connect 'cause I miss the ground when I fall

It seems to me that it shouldn't be what it used to be


(Bridge x2)

And all I want

Is to believe

That there's still good in everythin'

Includin' me


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