Bat For Lashes

Bat For Lashes - Bat's Mouth

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The caves of our mouths are forest

Darkness and the air

In between is

Overflowing and the rushing

wolverine flies past, his shiny shiny teeth,

And she is kind, he is free

Full of knowing

She is sure (x2)

The caves of our mouths are bear's

bellies and the air

In between is spewing

Comets and the dancing

Centaur queen flies past, her tiny tiny teeth

He is kind, she is free

Wants to show him

She is sure (x3)

Find him in the bat's mouth

He is singing in her bat's mouth

He is shaking and dancing in a bat mouth

Getting tired and sleeping in her bat mouth

And she's holding him tight in her bat arms

She is wrapping him up in her bat arms

And she's thanking her mother sea

Thank you mother sea

For letting him see the sea in me.

She is sure (x8)

Thanks to Rachel for these lyrics

Thanks to Lisa Lala for these lyrics

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